Chan Chun Sing file: Who is Chan Chun Sing’s Mother

Chan Chun Sing
Chan Chun Sing

Rumours are going around about Chan Chun Sing’s mother. Last Sunday, I overheard from an uncle sitting next table saying PAP is now pushing Chan Chun Sing up because he is the son of LKY’s sister Monica Lee.

I happened to know Chan Chun Sing personally. We attended the same church some 20+ years ago. The church organised a Bible study class for both of us as we were the newcomers.

The Chan Chun Sing that I knew then was an army captain. He took public transport like most people. He is known to be a presidential scholar. But no one ever said he is LKY’s nephew. If he is what the rumours said, everyone would have been talking about it in the church.

Nonetheless, I could be wrong. Mr Chan could have been hiding his real identity so well that no one in the church knows about it. After all, it is not a big church.

So I decided to to do some search online. Lo, and behold, look what I’ve found. A new clip in 1988 where Chan Chun Sing, 19 then, was interviewed by the Straits Time for scoring four distinctions in the A level exam.

Chan Chun Sing Straits Times
Chan Chun Sing Straits Times

Straits Times news cutting dated 20th Nov 1988 mentioning Chan Chun Sing’s mother, Madam Kwong Kait Fong

Right in the middle there is a paragraph that says “Family; Madam Kwong Kait Fong, 50, his (Chan Chun Sing) mother, is a machine operator in a plastics company. Sister Siew Yin, 24, us a third-year student at NTI.”

To be sure, I did a google search for Madam Kwong Kait Fong and found this Facebook post. It was posted by MacPherson Primary Alumni dated 15th Nov 2014 sharing a post by Mr Chan himself congratulating two students of their achievement in spite of their financial situation. The caption of the post is as follows.’

MacPherson Primary School Prize Giving Day! Recipients of Kwong Kait Fong Awards contributed by Minister Chan Chun Sing in honour of his mother. Feeling so honoured that Minister Chan had chosen to comment on the Prize Giving Day. Thank you Minister Chan. For your information, Minister Chan was an old boy (1976 to 1981) of MacPherson Primary School.

Chan Chun Sing Macpherson Primary
Chan Chun Sing Macpherson Primary

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