Rape in Singapore Prison

Prison Rape: It Happens
Prison Rape: It Happens

The Independent Singapore published an article “Prison Rape: It Happens”.  For some reason or other, The Independent Singapore chose to re-hash this very old article that featured an interview with a disgruntled ex-Sembawang Rangers/Geylang United FC goal keeper.

Prison Rape: It Happens
Prison Rape: It Happens

“I was nearly raped while serving time in prison for match fixing in Singapore”, repeated The Independent Singapore, from a 2011 article from the mainstream media. <link to http://news.asiaone.com/print/News/AsiaOne%2BNews/Singapore/Story/A1Story20110921-300665.html>

The interviewee (Lutz Pfannenstiel) then proceeds to accuse the CPIB of physical abuse – all of these accusations have been swiftly rejected.

Not that I do not believe him, but I find it very hard to accept that someone whom had been incarcerated by the system would have anything good to say about it. And even if it was true, he has recourse to justice through many means.

What are the facts?

– Pfannenstiel didn’t claim trial to challenge the prison service

– Throughout his time in prison, Mr. Pfannenstiel did not lodge any complaints to the authorities, even though he had many opportunities to do so.

– His medical records did not reflect such injuries, much less a broken nose

What did he tell the mainstream media when he was interviewed? ”I had always enjoyed my life as a football player – the parties, the cars and the girls. But (in prison) a lot of things became more important to me”, he revealed.

Moreover, The Independent Singapore claimed to have spoken to a spokesperson from Changi Prison. The Independent Singapore was only formed in 2013. The Changi Prison spokesperson gave media interviews in 2011 and this was a time before the Government was liberal enough to speak with alternative media.

Prison Rape: It Happens
Prison Rape: It Happens

It is either The Independent Singapore is lying or they secretly built a time machine that they don’t want us to know about.

The Independent Singapore
The Independent Singapore

Their entire report is based on absolute zero facts and evidence. No decent journalist would report based on the words “it is widely believed…” and then cite an irrelevant, foreign report and says it happens here. In fact, what we are proud of here in terms of crimes and rule of law is quite the opposite – bad things that happen overseas normally don’t happen here.

By their same logic, we can also say media outlets like The Independent produces inaccurate and fake news because it is widely believed they do. Foreign reports tell us there are a lot of fakes news designed like The Independent, hence The Independent Singapore also produces fake news! Great leap of logic.

In good journalism, We probe, we audit, we could launch an investigation – but we cannot, cannot take the opinions of one person and sensationalise it as fact. What we are really sure now is The Independent produces sloppy journalism if we can even call it journalism.

Or should it be called fake news?

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