Will and should MND order a forensic audit? Lee Li Lian

Will and should MND order a forensic audit?
Will and should MND order a forensic audit?
Will and should MND order a forensic audit?
Will and should MND order a forensic audit?


Ms Lee Li Lian of Workers’ Party wasted no time in jumping into the fray when it was reported that the general manager of Ang Mo Kio Town Council was under CPIB probe.

“Will and should MND order a forensic audit?” she asked with many question marks too. LOL

A forensic audit? Does she not realize that this is now a case in CPIB’s hands?

CPIB is very thorough in their investigations – turn the house upside down if need be – and if any criminality is found, charges will be pressed.

Ms Lee Li Lian has not called for a forensic audit of WP-run AHTC despite very serious lapses highlighted by AGO and KPMG that pointed to a complete failure in their control environment.

Comparing the action taken by AMKTC to the practices of the opposition-run Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC), which had been rapped for failures in governance by independent auditor KPMG last year, Law Minister Mr Shanmugan said:

“In contrast to the only place where this Government is not in charge, in that one place, first you have people appointing their cronies to run the Town Council. You have town councillors being misled on the terms that these cronies were appointed.

“Transparency? Investigations? Their own auditor’s report says they refuse to give information on the conflicts of interest.”

The system has to be clean, stressed Mr Shanmugam. Instead of hiding “every step of the way”, the way to handle things was to be upfront, disclose all information, and let the law take its course, he added.


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