All Singapore Stuff / TheOnlineCitizen editor Terry Xu: No one should be sorry if Tan Cheng Bock is disqualified

All Singapore Stuff; TheOnlineCitizen; Tan Cheng Bock

All Singapore Stuff; TheOnlineCitizen; Tan Cheng Bock

All Singapore Stuff shared TheOnlineCitizen editor Terry Xu’s views: No one should be sorry if Tan Cheng Bock is disqualified.

Yet another failed attempt by the anti-PAP camp to arouse anger… Come on, if the “bully victim of PAP” Dr Tan Cheng Bock did not even ask for it, why insist on organizing and be angry after “victim” Dr Tan declined the offer? It is akin to if you organize a meeting for someone who is not interested to meet you in the first place then you complain about it after that.


In case you are curious, here is TheOnlineCitizen editor Terry Xu’s rant in full —

As said in the initial address to those who were present at the Hong Lim Park event about the amendments to the Elected Presidency. This event is not held by The Online Citizen, although I am the only person seen as the front for TOC.

If it was held by TOC, Prime Minister Office will come knocking on my door saying that TOC deserves to be gazetted as a political association despite it being a private entity. This is why I did not use the TOC platform to do publicity for the event. (By the way, PMO has not gotten back to TOC about striking it off as a political association since I wrote to them in April)

Although the IBs and the IB sites might laugh at the turn out, but I don’t really think too much about it. Turn out doesn’t mean anything although it might have been good to have more.

As I told Sean before the event. If one need to wait for a critical mass of people before they do the right thing. Nothing will ever happen, because everyone is waiting for the critical mass to appear first.

I am just relieved that this event is over and and glad that I didn’t had to spend much on this event. The last event that I ran at the park had me spending over 1k from my own pocket, even after subsidies. For this event, I merely brought the portable speaker.

My goal for running the event from the very beginning was to physically do something about the ridiculous amendments to the elected presidency. I know that the bill will be passed on Monday, but at least I have done my part to register my disagreement with the whole charade to justify the amendments to the Elected Presidency.

The other reason for running this event is to allow Dr Tan Cheng Bock to have his last attempt to have a say, and for his supporters. So ideally, the event is to be promoted among Dr Tan’s supporter network and not pro-opposition groups, as Dr Tan would be apprehensive in partaking in a political event by the oppositions.

However, Dr Tan declined the offer when he was approached to participate in the event, despite the event was not organised by TOC and no opposition members were invited in hope that he would consider the invitation.

I have no idea what is he trying to be politically correct about, given that he has already been publicly ostracised by the PAP.

The victims of Operation Spectrum were pretty right in their assessment of Dr Tan. Dr Tan as one of the committee looking at the case in 1987, would probably have done the same thing of keeping quiet if something like that happen again and neither would he grant clemency to death penalty cases where it should have been warranted.

In fact, there had been a few cases before where Dr Tan hesitated to comment on due to worries that it may be seen as politicising the matter and he had intention to stand for the next Presidential Election.

Come to this point, I mock the half-hearted attempt and the cases where his comment would have made some difference. For example, Dominic Sarron Lee’s case.

Thanks to Jolovan Wham and Sean Francis Han who participated in the event as speakers. Without them, I would be probably speaking alone in the rain.

To me, I think it is a closure. That no one ought to be sorry for Dr Tan being disqualified as a candidate because it is not as if he tried his very best. A man has to fight for his own rights, not to ask for pity from the aggressor or stand in line as the oppressed in order to be granted privileges.

I fully agree with Workers’ Party’s stance on the Elected Presidency, that it should be reverted back to an appointed ceremonial position which has no powers vested upon the position.

Simply because of the disrespect the government have of the position and also how rules are bent in order to fix an ideal candidate for the establishment.

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