The Independent Singapore / Senior executive of recruitment firm confirms that local PMETs are discriminated

The independent Singapore

The independent Singapore

The Independent Singapore shared an article from written by an anonymous writer. He/she claims to be from a recruitment agency and made the assertion that local PMEs are discriminated by foreign companies as they only hires foreigners in their PME ranks.

Is this article credible as it was written anonymously?

There is the consideration framework in place now. Is it possible that any companies can just bring in any PMEs without the approval of MOM when they are tightening the S & E Pass for these group of people?

The MOM currently works in partnership with TAFEP to ensure that Singaporeans are not discriminated against in hiring. TAFEP’s capabilities will now be enhanced beyond promotional work; under the refined work pass application process, TAFEP will be responsible for assessing the additional “company-related” criteria announced by the MOM. At TAFEP’s recommendation, “triple weak” companies may be put on a watch list, and if such companies do not show progress, their work pass privileges can be suspended.


    The Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has recently announced that various measures will be put into place to ensure that companies provide fair employment opportunities to Singaporeans. These measures include introducing additional “company-related” criteria in the work pass application process, as well as enhancing the role of the Tripartite Alliance of Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) in ensuring that companies are developing a “Singaporean Core”.
    The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) refined the Employment Pass (EP) criteria and declared his commitment to stamping out abuse of the pass system on Tuesday.Following a case in which an employee of Harry’s International was caught falsely declaring information on hiring 20 EP workers, Minister for Manpower Lim Swee Say answered questions on safeguarding in response to questions from several MPs.

    The MOM safeguards the work pass framework by conducting verification checks on dubious EP applications, Lim said.


    ‘Triple weak’ companies are defined by the government as companies that don’t have and are not nurturing a strong Singaporean core and do not have a strong relevance to Singapore’s economy and society, he explained.

    According to a report in Channel News Asia, he also said that 300 applications for Employment Passes were requested by these companies but their applications are now under “closer scrutiny”.

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