The Independent Singapore / Ex-coach hits back STTA for Feng’s termination

The Independent Singapore
The Independent Singapore


Hypocrites. Just like most of the anti-PAP sites, thought The Independent Singapore is against foreign talents? How come they are on the side of Miss Feng and Mr Yang now? “Enemy” of enemy is a friend? Wrong for STTA to deal out any form of discipline actions they deemed applicable?

“Table tennis: Feng Tianwei cut from national squad in shock move by STTA” —

It added that the move is part of its new high performance plan, following a lacklustre outing at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, where the Singapore’s women’s table tennis team returned empty-handed for the first time in three editions. “With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in mind, moving forward, we will work closely with the STTA and SportSG to select the best athletes to represent Team Singapore for the upcoming major Games.”

States Times Review guilty too —

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