Polling Day Do’s and Don’ts


  • Do check your poll card when you get it – are your particulars correct? If you have not received your poll card, call the Elections Department or visit any community centre/club.
  • Do go in person to vote.
  • Do bring your poll card and either your IC or Passport as proof of identity.
  • Do mark your choice using an ‘X’ on the ballot paper.


  • Don’t alter or write on your poll card. If your particulars are incorrect, call the Elections Department or visit any community centre/club.
  • Don’t help another person to vote – impersonating another voter is an offence!
  • Don’t go to any other polling station except the one stated in your poll card. You can only vote at your assigned polling centre.
  • Don’t bring children or pets (except guide dogs) to the polling station.
  • Travel light – any bag you carry may be subject to security checks. Some items which are prohibited in polling centres are:
    • Cameras
    • Video Cameras
    • Alcohol
    • Sharp Objects
    • Campaign Material
    • Large Bags
  • Don’t use your mobile phone in the polling station.
  • Don’t bring any document or material, or wear any attire or badge, which is affiliated with a political party or candidate.
  • Don’t sign or write anything on the ballot paper by which you may be identified. If you do, your vote will not be counted.
  • Don’t bring the ballot paper out of the polling station. This is an offence!

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